Chaos + Theory (Our Ambassadors)

“That small difference made all the difference.” ― Johnny Rich

As Plan B to Save Wolves and Wolf Dogs began to evolve into a network of rescue and liberation, two lost souls were unknowingly waiting to unite with Betsy and Timon, which would forever shape their world and their organization's mission.

A couple made a desperate plea from Colorado Springs. Abandoned at a food truck in Colorado Springs, two four-month-old wolf dog pups needed immediate safety. A kind woman and her husband took both pups home; however, her lack of experience raising wolf dogs and their unique nature became a challenge. It was then that she shared a plea to rehome the young pair to a knowledgeable new owner. Unfortunately, if the couple could not find a home for the pair, they would be sent to a shelter, resulting in the end of the line for wolf dogs. Labeled as non-adoptable and illegal in numerous counties/states, the fate of wolf dogs is grim without a proper environment and knowledgeable ownership.

What happened next? Advocates at W.O.L.F. Sanctuary fostered the two wolf dogs while Betsy and Timon made their way to Colorado to transfer the pair to their new forever home in Sedona to be part of the Plan B pack.

As part of Plan B's mission to educate the public on the challenges of the exotic pet industry and wolf dog ownership, Chaos and Theory became ambassadors representing something much more significant than an adoption story.

As ambassadors for the organization, the pair of wolf dogs help dispel the myth of the Big Bad Wolf. Chaos and Theory both symbolize the shy wolf and protectors of the pack—coexisting peacefully with Plan B's resident dogs and cats, and of course, their humans. Both wolf dogs represent the misconception that wolves are natural-born killers with a one-track mind and offer the public an insider's perspective into the beauty and innocence behind their misbranded label. Their stories shared within the community and through Plan B's communication platforms teach us that their gentle nature is a beautiful attribute to cherish and not fear.

And without a doubt, they are the daily inspiration on how Plan B's small act of kindness can lead to something greater, touching more lives than they could have ever realized.

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