Our Story

Their passion became the light at the end of the tunnel for those who needed a guardian angel.

In 2016, Plan B to Save Wolves and Wolf Dogs was founded by Betsy Klein and her husband Timon Pratt —two dedicated animal advocates who wanted to make a more significant impact, particularly in the lives of wolves and wolf dogs. Rescuers of two wolf dog ambassadors, their mission to be a voice for misunderstood animals, has grown substantially over the years. As the last line of defense, Betsy and Timon have successfully raised funds to rescue hundreds of wolf dogs and provide funding for organizations supporting wolves and wolf dogs when the call of the wild beckons their help.

Their story began with a passion.

What is Plan B to Save Wolves and Wolf Dogs?

The last line of defense for wolf dogs in need. A voice for the voiceless. Protectors of wolves. An organization truly unique to its kind, Plan B to Save Wolves and Wolf Dogs, was established to assist canines in need of rescue and educate the public on the plight of wolves in the wild and the challenges of the exotic pet industry. Plan B's efforts have helped empower people to share their voice for wolves and have led to many petitions, phone calls, letters, education sharing, and more—all vital actions for preserving such a majestic but often misunderstood species across the nation.

Plan B to Save Wolves and Wolf Dogs has since co-established the annual creation of Sedona Wolf Week—a multi-day event in partnership with advocates Apex Protection Project on connecting renowned wolf experts directly with the public and providing them with current information on critical topics within the wolf world.

Additionally, Plan B developed an online platform featuring wolf news and education, I AM WOLF NATION®, where animal advocates learn about the political challenges wolves face, as well as key insights into local, regional, and national animal welfare issues. This tool has been at the forefront of all topics wolf-related and is well recognized by thousands of animal advocates worldwide.

As a member of the Endangered Species Coalition, Plan B to Save Wolves and Wolf Dogs has been a voice for wolves across the globe. The organization plans to continue to champion wolf dogs and wolves in dire situations, with a mission to be the last line of defense for those who need help the most.

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