Operation Cupid's Arrow was a Success!

Fantastic news! Together we reached our goal, raising just over $20,000 for veterinary care for the wolf dogs from the High Desert Wolf rescue now living out their lives in peace at Eagle Tail Sanctuary.

Because of you, not just 17 but 21 wolf dogs got specialized vet care. And that's thanks to you!

Nikki, Meeka, Luna, Sister, Cuddles, Batgirl, and Jezebel were spayed, BlackJack neutered, protecting them against serious health problems and reducing behaviors that can cause problems in a group housing environment.

Legion, Smokey, Sequoia, Wolfie, and Cherokee got dental cleanings and extractions to improve their appetites and prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

Crow, Zach, Suprise, Wolfie, Sister, Cuddles, and Sequoia got much-needed groomings to alleviate the pain and discomfort of matted fur.

Luna, Sunset, Wolfie, Cherokee, Ranger, Surprise, and Smokey all received specialized treatment ranging from wound care to eye exams to extremity x-rays for lameness.

All twenty-one deserving wolf dogs (yes, 21!) received vaccinations, microchips, nail trims, post-surgery antibiotics, and pain meds. They also received deworming, complete blood chemistry workups, testing to rule out congestive heart failure, and comprehensive nose-to-tail exams, including x-rays to rule out any internal organ issues.

It was an epic undertaking - 3 days, 2 surgeons, 2 vet techs, 3 handlers, a mobile animal surgical hospital, anesthesia stations, surgery suites, generators - and Dr. Richards and her wildlife team veterinarians pulled off a miracle.

Total cost? $25,723. Yes, we're a bit over the estimate of $17,477, but we had a one-time opportunity to provide the kind of vet care we had only dreamed of and to do it in a way that maximized safety and minimized stress to the animals. So, when the veterinarians on-site identified a few more HDW wolf dogs they wanted to take a closer look at, we did not hesitate. Their wellbeing is our responsibility, and because of you, we are keeping our promises to these beautiful creatures.

Thanks to your generosity, and because a member of Dr. Richard's team wanted to help by donating $3,000 toward the bill, we're only about $2,400 short. If you wanted to help the HDW wolf dogs at Eagle Tail and didn't have the opportunity, please consider a contribution to help with the remaining balance. As with all contributions toward this effort, your donations go directly to paying the vet bill.

Donate online today at https://www.gofundme.com/f/operation-cupids-arrow

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