Thor's Story -- Home for Thanksgiving.

After a year in a loving foster situation -- Thor is going to his forever home with help of Plan b

Plan b helped Thor get from Indiana to his forever home in Arizona where he will be loved and cherished for the rest of his life.

Thor is a  4 year old wolf dog who ended up in a kill shelter in Arkansas.   He was privately owned by a couple, and when he bit the woman, he was surrendered to a shelter in Sept. 2020, where he was placed on the “kill” list.  A rescue was able to get him to safety  with a long-term foster situation in Indiana.    

Thor is now going to his forever home.  His Foster Mom described this sweet boy:

Once Thor warms up to you he is extremely affectionate. He has been tolerant of all kinds of handling, and he was well mannered.Thor has a calm, sweet personality. Thor did bite his previous owner.  However based on all the handling we have done with him, we believe that the only thing that would have caused this was if the previous owner was physically violent with him. Thor thrives with gentle encouragement rather than being pushed. He is an exceptional animal with so much love to give. 

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