River & Kai $990

A few weeks ago, the Plan B Emergency Response team got a call for help from a frustrated couple running out of options for two wolf dog brothers they dearly loved. Recently, the boys had become threateningly aggressive with each other - something they'd never done before - and nothing the couple tried had worked.

During an interview with the owners, the team found out that River and Kai were not neutered - the family had been unable to afford it. Since un-neutered dogs are more likely to display aggressive behaviors than altered dogs, Plan B stepped up to provide the surgeries - hoping to keep the boys in the loving home they had - and out of overcrowded shelters and sanctuaries.

The boys were a little underweight as well - nothing serious, but noticeable. As it turns out they were experiencing a food allergy that was causing gastrointestinal distress. We helped the owners find and provide a better quality of food specifically for sensitive stomachs. They've each gained 10 pounds already and are much happier. We're continuing to monitor the situation, which has already improved dramatically, and are collaborating with the owners to ensure the boys have proper enclosures.

Keeping River and Kai in a loving home is the best thing for everyone - the family keeps their beloved pets, the boys get to stay together in the home where they feel safe and loved, the sanctuaries don't have to scramble to try to find room for more wolf dogs and then figure out how to pay for their upkeep, and our donors once again get the reassurance their gifts are being used effectively and efficiently in the animals best interest.

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