Mingo and Stormie $848

Mingo and Stormie A Holiday Miracle

When you bring a pet into your family, you become responsible for ensuring a safe place for that animal should something happen to you. 

Unfortunately, for Mingo and Stormie, that did not happen. When their owner passed suddenly, their only option was a relative terrified of dogs. It wasn't ideal, and the relative never wanted the wolf dogs, so they reached out to rescue groups. A rescue did step up, which should have been the end of the story, but ultimately they were unable to take them at the last minute. 

That's when we got the urgent call saying the relative was ready to surrender to a shelter where ultimately Mingo and Stormie would be euthanized.

It certainly wasn't the call we wanted – especially right before the holidays when we'd instead be celebrating with family and friends just like everyone else – but Plan B responded, trying to find a last-minute placement and save their lives. 

The rescue network had tried valiantly, yet every rescue and sanctuary they contacted were at capacity. Not ready to give up, Plan B reached out to Guardians of the Wolves and learned that Howwling Hills might be able to make room. So, two days before Christmas, with a looming deadline and the threat of euthanasia, Plan B, along with their rescue partners, provided the safety net these two needed. Plan B's Emergency Response Fund paid for the professional transport to the sanctuary, where they will stay temporarily until a loving, vetted home is found for them.

Today we celebrate yet another victory; some are even calling it a Christmas miracle in our commitment to save wolf dogs. 

You can help, too. Make a plan for animals in your care in case something happens to you. Please don't put it off. You never know what tomorrow will bring. Need some guidance? As a start, the ASPCA has some great information on both informal and formal preparations you can make – most of which are free. 

Second, donate to our Emergency Respond Fund so we can always say yes to a wolf dog in need. Finding a rescue solution two days before the holidays was not easy or ideal, but knowing we had the funds on hand to make it happen brings significant peace of mind.

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