Meet Nikan, another wolf dog rescue in progress -  with a lot of help from our friends. Over six weeks ago, he and a female wolf dog to whom Nikan was bonded, were turned into animal control in Camarillo, CA. Unfortunately, the female bit a staff member, probably out of fear, and was euthanized because Camarillo animal control, like many animal control shelters, has a no-bite policy. Nikan was left alone and scared in a small kennel, without the one comfort he had - his friend.

Thankfully, a concerned volunteer reached out. With the help of a caring animal control officer,  Guardians of the Wovles Apex Protection Project and Rachelle Carranza temporary placement was found where Nikan will be loved and cared for as we continue to fund his stay and all medical needs until he is ready for his forever home.

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