Four in California

Spay/Neuter is one of the best ways you can help wolves and wolf dogs in need, and right now the requests to the Plan B Emergency Response Fund are coming in almost daily.  We're hearing from owners, Good Samaritans, shelters, rescuers, and sanctuaries - all with different needs. Read on to find out more about how a gift to our Spay It Forward campaign can help and why it's so important to act quickly.

One of the cases we're currently working on is a request from rescuers to help an elderly man in California who couldn't afford to get his beloved female wolf dog spayed. Now she has had a 2nd litter and he can't find homes for them all. There are no low cost spay/neuter options in his rural area, he's on a fixed income, and his resources are stretched thin trying to care for them.

We're helping fund a spay for the mom and the boy so he can keep them and won't be forced to live alone.  We're also spaying the two young girls, Lulu and Shye, shown here, to help facilitate a rescue or transfer for them. For all four, the cost will be well over $2,000 and could go higher if they need vaccinations. Can you help us help them?  

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