Gurl's Pack

At Plan B we always try to stress the importance of having a plan in place for your pets in case you can no longer care for them - and that includes wolf dogs. So many of the emergencies we respond to could have been prevented with some simple preparation.

Just last week, we got an emergency call from a sanctuary we'd worked with before - they needed funding to build enclosures to save three wolf dogs from the danger of a looming euthanasia deadline.

It all started in July of 2021 when twelve wolf dogs escaped from their owner and began roaming the roads and woods in a rural county in North Carolina where wolf dogs are illegal. The wolf dogs’ owner was in rapidly declining health. He had been unable to provide a secure enclosure for them, had no plan in place for their care, and when they escaped he was unable to catch them.

Orange County animal control officers captured all but three of them. Nine of the pack were taken to the local shelter where they remained until earlier this year. The Shelter had tried for many months to find sanctuary placement but without success. The wolf dogs were un-socialized - shy and fearful to begin with - and they became increasingly stressed as the weeks in confinement turned into months. It was impossible in the crowded shelter to give them appropriate human and animal socialization, physical exercise, and the mental stimulation they needed, so humane euthanasia became a very real option. Finally, last month the shelter found placement for all but three of the wolf dogs - Gurr, Jerr, and Awoo, and sadly, euthanasia became an even more certain outcome for the unlucky trio.

Several wolf dog rescues heard about the plight of the three boys, and with some persistent networking, Mattersville - Heroes and Hybrids in Wisconsin agreed to take them if funding could be found to build an appropriate enclosure for them. That's where the Plan B Emergency Response Fund stepped in helping fund the $5,000 bill to save Gurr, Jerr, and Awoo and make it possible for them to live healthy and happy lives together as packmates.

We hope to have updates to share as soon as they arrive in Wisconsin and get settled in.

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