What is Wolf Week?


"Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace." — Confucius

Who's afraid of the big, bad wolf? We've heard it all before, and we're confident you have too.

Given the numerous misconceptions identified with the nature of wolves, wolf advocacy groups Apex Protection Project and Plan B to Save Wolves partnered together to educate the public on their necessity in the wild as an apex predator. With their persistence and dedication combined with the desire to preserve the future of wolves and wolf dogs, a new initiative, Sedona Wolf Week (SWW), was born. 

SWW began in 2016 with the mission to change the way people see wolves by dispelling the myths through unique educational programs, including real-time information from top-tier wolf experts and biologists, films, art, children's programming, and more. Most importantly, the event reignites the connection between people and wolves through exclusive interaction with the Apex Ambassador Pack—rescued wolf dogs who have come from dire situations, now residing as educational ambassadors who represent the simple beauty of such misunderstood creatures.

Through its popularity providing educational insights to the public, Sedona Wolf Week blossomed into an annual event, and by 2019, the event connected attendees from 28 states and three countries to the truth about wild wolves and their essential place needed within our ecosystem. In 2020, SWW went global by virtually presenting five days of programming to participants from all over the world. Cumulatively by 2020, SWW has connected with over 5,000 attendees and 1150 children.

In 2021, the event is expanding to include two cities; Sedona, its birthplace, and the Los Angeles area, as well as online to continue to grow the audience and share the truth about wild wolves to create more advocates, vital to the survival of the gray wolf in these dire times.

And it doesn't stop there. Sedona Wolf Week's goal is to continue educating the public on the plight of wild wolves, providing real-time information on how you can help protect such an iconic species that thrived in our world far before us.

For more information:www.SedonaWolfWeek.org

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