In 2018-19, during one of the largest wolf dog
rescues in California history, Betsy recognized
the complexity of the situation with an owner
who was labeled as a hoarder and over 150
animals who desperately needed help. 

Betsy led the rescue team to save all 185 dogs
on the property and helped the owner regain
some dignity and a more normal life while
living within the local animal laws.

Betsy led by example, setting a high standard
for grace and compassion in the face of a
horrific situation for both animals and humans.
That is what leadership is all about.

Susan Weidel
W.O.L.F. Sanctuary Board of Directors

Last week was truly one of the best
conferences I've ever been to.

Thanks again for all your work to
bring it together.

K. Combs

Last year, I went to Sedona Wolf Week. I was inspired by spending the week with extraordinary people who were out there doing everything they could to help protect wolves. The 06 Legacy nonprofit was founded from that inspiration. I knew it was my time to rise and do my part. I hope you can join us and find where your inspiration will lead you.

Karol Miller
Founder, The 06 Legacy

You are a powerhouse and I am so pleased to know you.

Amaroq Weiss
West Coast Wolf Advocate for the Center for Biological Diversity

We are truly honored to be part of Wolf Week every year! THANK YOU for including us, and CONGRATULATIONS on a wonderfully-successful event! We are so proud of you!

Patrick Schweiss
Executive Director, Sedona International Film Festival

I was so impressed with your Sedona Wolf Week event- no small feat to pull that off and really quite an impressive week of activities and speakers and issues covered. Just want you to know how impressed I am with all that you’re doing- and hopeful we’ll get this ban through in AZ on the WKC front!

Camilla Fox
Founder & Executive Director, Project Coyote

I just want to thank you and Timon and Paula and Steve for making Mary and I feel so special. We needed that kind of reception so much. We are recharged and ready to get back to work in Montana. And I’ll bet a lot of other folks are leaving feeling the same way about going home. You four have created something very special in Sedona Wolf Week.Thank you.

Rick Lamplugh

Look at Chaos & Theory channeling your
beautiful & graceful energy Betsy Klein.

You’re such an inspiration, doing such
extraordinary work, truly amazing 

Becky Hallinan


I am so proud of you and so thankful for your
dedication and consistent efforts to help make
this a better world for animals!

KC York
Executive Director Trap Free Montana Public Lands

You were just amazing in the NAWBO presentation.

I was so impressed at how you navigated all
the politics and emotions, and just stayed the
course to get the job done. Congratulations! 

Karen Reinhold
Vice President, NAWBO Verde Valley

There are some people in life you just wonder how in the world did they pull that off or get that done and Betsy is just one of those people - everyday her heart guides her works to advocate for the voiceless animals in our world and she gets monumental results at every turn. Animals across the country benefit from Betsy’s drive and spirit, I’m forever grateful for her collaboration, her expertise, her energy and tenacious appetite to take action and get results. 

Tina Meredith
Animal Wellness Action

I want to express my gratitude and admiration for the many amazing warriors in this Arizona campaign, especially those who I’ve worked closest with and become friends in the process. Betsy, Lain, Tina, and Matt: you four have done so much in such good style and with such integrity. The research and fact-checking you have committed to has kept this campaign squarely in a defensible position, and you’ve given our adversaries nothing to attack. You four, and everyone else who has shown up to meetings or our film screenings, and to those who have shown up to speak to the Commission should feel super proud of what you’ve accomplished here. 

Joe Trudeau
Southwest Advocate, Center for Biological Diversity

Singularly focused on multiple tasks. Never… ever…. backs down. She is like the Army in that “Betsy does more before most people get up, than most people do all day”  -  except for that she is only “one person.”

Apparently…. no job is too big, even though everyone (except her husband Timon) thought one of them was.
Follow up.  Betsy doesn’t assume all is OK when a rescue is over - she continues to monitor and provide support.   
Success.   I seriously am not aware of a single failure in any task or campaign that Betsy has led or been a part of.
I AM WOLF NATION - the organization Betsy founded, is directly responsible for my activism to end WKCs and involvement with Project Coyote.

Most of all, and most importantly: compassion. The driving force behind all of Betsy’s actions, and the only hope for humanity and our biosphere.

Matt Francis
Programm Associate, Project Coyote

I am honored to know and help in anyway I can. You have done so much in your efforts to save wolves, wolfdogs, etc. You have proved it can be done and will continue with your leadership and those of others.

Pat Berry

Betsy Klein of Plan B for Wolves is a powerful
advocate – not just for wolves, but for all
animals.  Being a gifted speaker and brilliant
strategist help make her the unstoppable force
that she is. 

She takes her mission seriously, and has
notched wins in complex cases that others
can only walk away from.  Betsy has built
an amazing organization with Plan B for
Wolves, and I, along with so many others,
will continue to reach out to her for ongoing
projects to protect wolves.

Lain Kahlstrom
Director of State Affairs, AWA

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